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Features Please

Started by shanram, February 24, 2006, 10:33:23 AM

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Hi admin, Can you give me a detailed list of all the features of the plans like which Plan has which features like Cpanel,POP3 mails, etc.?
This wiill be useful for all.


Have you seen this page? None of the plans come with email as far as I know.

webzone (archived)

QuotePOP3 mails

Catch-all e-mail forwarding (redirects all mail received at your domain to one e-mail address) is available on request using the "Contact Form".


There is a Plesk server, but I'm not sure if new accounts are accepted on it. If you really need it, you can probably request it. However, we are usually using a custom-built manager that is usually more stable than what we've seen with Plesk.

Quotedetailed list of all the features

You can upload files using FTP or an online file manager. The phpMyAdmin database management tool is also available.

All accounts on the main server (everyone not on Plesk, the majority) run on Apache/2. Most .htaccess features are enabled, including mod_rewrite (but excluding the Options and php_value directives, which you can set from your members area).

PHP is available for all accounts. You can see a phpinfo(); here.

If you could be more precise about what you're looking for, it would be possible to provide a more complete answer.