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hi noob question lol

Started by oneill2004uk, February 24, 2006, 01:48:41 PM

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hi right i just purchased some hosting with you and i already have a name domain name

with a company called heart internet

how do i get it so when they type in my domain name

which is

it goes to my frepages site wihch is oneill2004uk

i think its called page forwarding but i've never done it before and that thingy about nameservers

on yur options is really confusing

can anyone help me out

webzone (archived)

I saw that Heart Internet (for those wondering, it is at offers e-mail which FreePgs does not. So, you may wish to leave your nameservers as they are right now.

Instead, you need to change your A record. To do so, you need to login to your Heart Internet account ( and create or edit the records like IN A IN CNAME

If you don't know how to do it, you will need to contact your domain provider directly for assistance, or use the help pages that may be available once you logged in.

Once your domain has the new settings, simply fill in the form in the Setup Domains section of your FreePgs Members Area.

Hope this helps and welcome to FreePgs!

Edit: Oh and by the way, the options may seem confusing for a beginner, but this is because domain management has never been simple. Those are the real words and abbreviations used by most domain providers worldwide.