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Didnt pay before account expired

Started by sasurfers, February 22, 2009, 02:53:14 PM

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Apologizes if this has been asked previously, I looked around but couldnt find the answer.
I didn't pay the maintenance fee before my account expired due to being away travelling.
I am wondering if I have now lost everything? Or can I still pay the maintainace fee now and retrieve my account?
If not what alternatives do I have?



No, we  have not removed any of the expired accounts as of yet.

You can pay the fee and access to your account will be restored.

Thank you, Admin


Hi there

I'm in much the same situation with my domain ( The account has now been renewed, but the holding page is still there. I can't log in to (as before) any more; but logging into "new hosting login" works and I can see that the nameservers are still set to PLSK3.LVCS.NET and PLSK4.LVCS.NET. I can connect by FTP to, and all my old files are there. Is there another step I need to do to reactivate the account?


You should not be using the "new hosting login" to pay or manage your account.

That is for hosting accounts with a monthly fee, not the FreePgs $3 per year service.

Please provide your customer number in an email to admin at freepgs dot com and we will credit/update your FreePgs account.  Be sure to cancel the hosting on your LVCS.NET (monthly) account if you will not be using it.

I have updated your Plesk account for this year.  Be sure to email me (admin at freepgs dot com) with the transaction/customer number information from the new LVCS.NET account you created.

Thank you,
Ed Carpenter Admin


Ahh, fantastic. Email now on its way! Thanks for your help.


This is the same for me actually.
I'm sorry guys but I got disconnected from for a while now and did not kept up to date regularly.
Took a look at the avaiable plans, the point is I'd need about 5 Gb diskspace and I see the max avaible is 2Gb. Is there a possibility to have more diskspace whitout having multiple account, with an adjusted fee (fo the extra space)?


Yes, please see the Upgrades thread.  (It is a sticky post in this forum)

Thank you, Admin


you can add as many gigs as you wish, my take on it. as long as you pay the fee :D