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Extremely Slow Server

Started by megawatt, April 02, 2009, 03:35:24 AM

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For more than an hour now, my website has been taking forever to load. Is this only happening to me?


Up till now it is still not working. My pages are not loading.


What's happening? The problem is still there. No one else is having the problem?


we are all having slowness and database issues, but it will most likely never fixed. sorry...


I sometimes can not connect to my website because i the DNS problem (from freepgs side), and like 2-3 weeks ago, as someone here said we are having mysql problem. Please be expected for what you paid for. Cheap hosting vs ... "normal" hosting. Geeky Open Source Linux Tutorials


i wouldn't say this is "cheap" hosting. i am sure the admin does his best... i have been with this hosting for almost 3 years now. and i must say it has been better than monthly, i have used before...