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need help resetting password! Please help

Started by Nick G, January 02, 2009, 10:21:38 PM

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Nick G


I havn't used the PLESK for a little while now and have had a re-build of my laptop loosing the txt file I had the log in details... :-(   I would highly appreciate someones help in resetting my account password. My client account name is 'ngardiner'.  you guys should know my email address and am not wanting to post all my details about my account for security reasons. I will check back here if you are unable to mail me on my registered email.



You will need to use to login to your account.
There is a password reset link on the login form.  If you have attempted this, be sure to check the "Spam" folder if your email filters spam messages automatically.

Please email admin at or PM me to reset your password

It appears you have already figured the password out as you (or someone) is logged into Plesk.

Thank you, Admin

Nick G

Thanks for the fast reply,

I tried Plesk3 and it worked with my original password guess.  Now to make wordpress load :-)