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Migration issues

Started by One, March 27, 2008, 02:02:02 PM

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Okay, I can log in and the FTP works. So I created a domain ( on plesk and uploaded the "index.html" file. So now if everything works right, I should be able to see the contents of the "index.html" file when I type in the browser.

Unfortunately when I type in the browser I still get the default page. What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks :)


Did you upload the index.html file to the "httpdocs" folder?


Be sure you replaced the index.html file that was already in the directory.

Uploading a file named index.htm (for example) will not replace this file.  Remove the default index.html file and upload your copy again.

Because you did not provide specific information, we cannot provide a specific answer.  Use the "Help Desk" link within the Plesk interface for specific support.

Thank you, Admin