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Plesk System vs current site

Started by ebcopub, March 26, 2008, 12:06:25 PM

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I have made 3 requests using the link on to have my site moved to the Plesk system. I wanted to have time to get everything moved, databases exported, etc. before the end of March.

However, I don't recall seeing any email from the Plesk system indicating the account has been created, so I can't log in there. And now my current site (seen below) is unavailable.

I can still log in on the FTP side and upload or download files, but I cannot hit it with my browser.

Can someone provide me information as to where I can display my site or what else I need to do?


You should only make one request. The requests are processed manually, so it could take up to 24 hours for your account to be created.


That sounds very reasonable.

Howver, my first request was made at the end of February.

Does this mean that in the meantime, I have no site?


Do not send multiple requests.

Most likely your spam filter is blocking our reply messages.  (Check your spam folder)

For this reason, you can view Contact replies via the options panel.

We created a Plesk account for you on 15-Feb.  We then replied again (via a different account) on 17-Mar with the instructions.

To view the reply (which contains the instructions)
Click "Support Options"
Click "View your contacts"

This screen will show all of your contacts and our replies.  The newest contact requests are on top.  You should be able to see both contact requests and the responses via this page.

Login to Plesk via

Thank you, Admin