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Domain Names

Started by Jaiden, July 09, 2006, 01:52:21 AM

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How do I make a domain point at a certain file or folder in my account?
Like, lets say I have a website in the root directory, then in a folder I have another website, what if I want to point a domain at that folder? WIthout redirection, real domains.

- Jaiden


Where do you have your domain name registered? ( Meaning godaddy, namecheap, enom, etc)

Many domain registrars have the option for domain fowarding which can direct your website to a folder other than root folder. I would check with your account wherever you registered and see which options they have available first because that would be the easiest solution to your issue.


To have 2 domains point to 2 different sites on 1 account, you'll want to use mod_rewrite.  There's a topic in here somewhere on how to properly use it.
meh :P