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Topics - FaeLLe

Well basically the blogging system is having troubles creating a directory wondering if it is some kind of permission error.

It asks for a Site Root to publish in and expects prefferably a absolute path or relative path.

For absolute path it detected:- /fpgs/fpgshttpd/vikrammohan
and I also tried relative path:- /

But it gives the error,

Error: Movable Type was not able to create a directory for publishing your weblog. If you create this directory yourself, assign sufficient permissions that allow Movable Type to create files within it.

At the moment I chmoded the installation to 755 so perl and cgi scripts can execute correct. What could be the reason it is not able to create directories ?


- FaeLLe
Support Requests / Hosting Domain on FreePGS or Plesk ?
January 28, 2006, 05:05:35 PM

I was wondering how does the domain hosting system work now.

Do we get charged $10 per year only if we host a domain on Plesk and free domain hosting if we do it on the FreePGS server ?

Thanks just wanted to clarify,

- FaeLLe
Support Requests / Cron jobs
January 25, 2006, 01:44:33 PM

I was wondering if a request is made can one of the admins start a cron job running every few days.


- FaeLLe
Support Requests / PHP SOAP Extensions
November 16, 2005, 12:04:41 PM

Can some admin confirm that PHP SOAP extensions exist on the web server.

If they are not installed would it be possible to just install the SOAP extensions so that my online store can intergrate with our back end servers.


- FaeLLe