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Support Requests / What is my Plesk URL?
February 18, 2008, 03:09:42 PM
Hello, :)

I think I've done as instructed - I put in a migration request then received an email saying a new domain  had been created. This domain was, which baffles me because I am migrating away from the freepgs server. Why not automatically create as the domain?

Anyway... next I created a new physical domain and named it "". So now I am not sure how many domains I am supposed to have. First LVCS automatically created one for me called "" and then I created another one myself also called "".

Freepgs was so much easier to use. My freepgs URL is "" and the URL to the web site they are hosting for me is "".

I am not sure what my current URL should be and I when I try to upload my web site via FTP to "" Dreamweaver freezes moments into the upload. When I click on the "Test Connection" button in Dreamweaver, it tells me it connected to the web server successfully.

I think uploaded my web site to the httpdocs folder within

I've got the URL, which is meant to point wherever the web site is being hosted. 

I can't seem to work out what my URL and whenever I try to upload my web site to the in the httpdocs folder the application crashes.

I set up a "domain" of in Plesk and changed the two nameservers to Plesk1 and Plesk2 on my GoDaddy domain name account. I think I carried out these instructions as described in the migration FAQ, but I can't seem to navigate to

So, can anyone tell me what my URL should be? I need to point "" - my GoDaddy domain - to the new Plesk hosted URL and work out why Dreamweaver keeps freezing up when try to upload my website.

Thank you. :)
Support Requests / Explanation of PHP Errors
September 10, 2007, 06:48:44 AM
Hello, :)

I'm trying to get Guestbook and a "Members Chat Room" up 'n' running on the FreePGS server.

When I test the Guestbook the following error messages are briefly displayed:

Any help would be appreciated, thank you. :)