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We are finally shutting down the following servers:

 - Running unsupported CentOS 6
 - Plesk with only a few active users due to previous attempts at migration in 2019
 - Shut down will occur by July 10, 2022 as all active users were already migrated.
 - We sent a reminder to those with content still on the server to either migrate or data will be lost
**Update 7/17/2022: We have moved all sites from this server and scheduled to shut it down**

 - Running unsupported CentOS 6
 - Plesk with only a few active users due to many migrating to EU2 in a nearby data center
 - We have just started the review process for the discontinuation of this server again.
 - From the initial review, it seems 95% of the sites are not active, have no valid domains, or are disabled/expired.
**Update 7/17/2022: We are checking what additional sites are not active before moving forward**

 - Infrastructure server that was moved from 60 William (Manhattan) to Dallas, TX a few years ago
 - No longer being used
**Updated 7/18/2022: This server has been decommissioned**

We hope to have these taken down by the end of July 2022.  (This is almost 3 years passed the date we intended to do this.)

The following servers are also being reviewed:

 - cPanel on CentOS 6 (no new updates for a while) and unsupported.
 - We originally setup EWR to replace this as well as the EAST Plesk server.
 - Our hosting/billing management site is still hosted here.  If we keep EU2 and EWR we may keep it alive and reimport the EWR sites into it.
**Update 7/17/2022: We are moving our own sites to another system and will investigate how many additional sites need moved**

 - Newer OS but not running the latest updates due to other components that need upgraded first.
 - This is not on the list to be removed at this time due to it being the only server left in the region after EU is removed from service.
**Update 7/17/2022: We have verified most of the components are running an updated version**

 - NJ Infrastructure Server that hasn't been used in years

This forum was updated to the latest release and moved to EWR
**Update 7/18/2022: We have adjusted the template settings and forced SSL on the forum**
**Update 7/22/2022: We have reinstalled CP1 and CP2 with a newer OS and reattached to the DNS Cluster**
Support Requests / ACTIVE SERVERS
November 20, 2019, 08:53:24 PM
If you are not on one of these servers, please contact us to migrate you as soon as possible!

EWR cPanel Server --  **BEST CHOICE, NEWEST OS, PHP, and MySQL versions**
EU Plesk Server --
EU2 cPanel Server --

These are the only servers that will be kept beyond December 31, 2019.

Servers being shut down:

LA2 (cPanel)
LAX2 (Plesk)
NYC (cPanel)

Servers that have already been shut down:

WEST (Plesk)

Infrastructure Servers that are not changing at this time


If the demand warrants, we will get another server on the west coast running at some point, but we likely have to consolidate those.  We will attempt to replace EU and EU2 with a newer more robust server in that region.
Due to increased costs, we are being forced to shut a large number of the servers down.  We are also facing the issue of oudated control panels and increased license costs on our Plesk servers.

As many of you may know, cPanel increased the licensing cost earlier this year.   The license costs are now more that we collect from you for the entire service being provided.

We will be able to maintain a single cPanel server at our NJ datacenter.  As we will be removing the WHMCS system (due to it costing more than we collected last year), we will go back to manually billing or using PayPal or 2Checkout subscriptions to handle payments.  This will keep our costs down.

The new EWR server is running the latest version of cPanel, supports multiple versions of PHP, and has 16GB of RAM and large amounts of disk space.  We will continue to use our CP1/CP2 DNS cluster for redundancy.

We had a problem with the datacenter hosting the WEST Plesk server, so that server no longer exists.  While we do have another cPanel server in the LA region (LA2.LVCS.NET), it will be EOL within the next six months, so we strongly urge anyone that wishes to continue with our service migrate over to the EWR server as soon as possible.

We will continue to honor your existing pricing plan as long as possible.  There are no plans to increase the cost, but we must consolidate our operation so we can keep things running.

Also, please disregard this message if you have already migrated to another provider.  We are sorry for the intrusion.

Please reply to this message to coordinate the transition to the EWR server or to create a new account if you were on the WEST Plesk server.

Thank you,

FreePgs Legacy
Support Requests / All Plesk Accounts
January 03, 2018, 04:01:50 PM
As the Plesk servers get older and older, it appears more and more sites are being compromised.

Remember to keep any scripts you use (such as WordPress, themes, and any plugins) updated.

Please also request to be migrated to our new cPanel platform as soon as possible.  Due to the constant problems we are going to have to move forward with shutting down all Plesk servers in the near future.

We have cPanel servers in the following regions:  NYC (East-US), LA2 (West-US), EU2 (Europe).  We will likely have to add more capacity as we start to migrate accounts, so be sure the site is in the most logical location for your visitors (compared to just where it was created originally).
Support Requests / New SSL Certificates
October 23, 2017, 03:46:04 PM
The SSL Certificates have been renewed and installed for the following Plesk servers:  EAST, EU, WEST.
Support Requests / LAX2 Shutdown
August 09, 2017, 04:28:09 PM
We will be shutting down the Plesk server LAX2.

If you are still using this server, please request migration to LA2 (if you need a site in the same region).
Support Requests / Signups Disabled
July 28, 2017, 01:43:05 PM
Unfortunately, we have been forced to disable signups due to an influx of fraudulent accounts being created that are then used for phishing websites, spam, etc.
This event caused a disruption of service to any client on our NYC server today for about 5 hours.  This server is also where our billing and support system along with this forum are located.

We are evaluating our next steps.  Some options we are considering:

-Shutting down the entire service and refunding the unused portion.
-Keeping signup disabled and servicing the existing customers until their end of term.
-Allowing the existing customers to stay on the system as long as they desire, but this will require us to finally get rid of all of the extra Plesk servers to bring our costs down.

Please feel free to post any suggestions on this thread.

Thank you.
Support Requests / Service Discontinuation
April 28, 2017, 05:02:04 PM
Unfortunately, due to the number of users that have failed to keep their scripts up to date and/or their credentials secure, we are forced to start shutting down this service.  We can continue all cPanel operations as there are more safeguards in place, however, users will still need to keep their scripts updated.
OS EOL -- Must migrate
Old PHP versions
Phasing out use of Plesk panel
Hardware problems and phasing out use of Plesk panel

If your account is on one of these servers, please email plesk at lvcs dot net for more information to migrate to one of our new servers.
Please ping the following servers and let us know which of these has the lowest response time.
Support Requests / Forced Upgrade of Plesk Servers
January 21, 2017, 02:16:44 AM
Since Plesk has discontinued Plesk updates on version 11.5 and 12.0, we will be forced to update these to at least version 12.5 or to the new Onyx release.

We will have to move a bit faster on migrating away from Plesk if these upgrades do not appear to be successful.
Support Requests / All Plesk Servers being Phased Out
December 27, 2016, 01:15:59 PM
We are in the process of phasing out all Plesk servers.

If you are on a Plesk server, we have been sending information about migration to you in reply to your payment.

The following Plesk servers will be decommissioned at some point in 2017:

The following non-Plesk servers will be decommissioned in 2017:

Benefits of the new cPanel servers:
-Centralized billing, support, and account management at
-Nameserver cluster for improved reliability of name resolution for your domains
-Limits to prevent one site from slowing down the entire server
-Newer versions of PHP, MySQL, and Apache to offer your site better performance
-All solid state storage for faster disk access times.

The following Plesk servers are not planned for decommission this year but you still may see improved performance by switching to our new cPanel servers.  If enough people migrate we will shut these down as well:

There will be no change in renewal rate or your expiration date when you switch to our new system.  in most cases, files and databases can be brought over.
Support Requests / East Server
December 05, 2016, 02:13:29 PM
We have begun the process of decommissioning the East server.  When payments are coming in, you will receive a notice that we have newer servers available.

Please ping the following servers just in case the East server is not actually the best server for your location:

These are part of our new cPanel service which will renew at the same rate.  All of these servers are part of the same DNS cluster, so you will use CP1.LVCS.NET and CP2.LVCS.NET for the nameservers when pointing to these servers.

Please email plesk at lvcs dot net for more information or to migrate.
Support Requests / Package Changes
October 26, 2016, 01:26:38 AM
We have made the following changes to our plans.  All plans now have double the transfer (bandwidth) per month.

Bronze - 100GB/mo
Silver - 200GB/mo
Gold - 300GB/mo
Titanium - 500GB/mo

These changes are active for any user on our cPanel platform.  Users on our grandfathered plans do not have limits.

I/O Speed has also increased by 2x.
Plan I/O Speeds:
Bronze - 4Mbps
Silver - 8Mbps
Gold - 12Mbps
Titanium - 16Mbps

Grandfathered packages updated from 2Mbps to 4Mbps internal I/O rate limit.
Support Requests / New Signups
October 24, 2016, 03:04:22 AM
We are now offering signups on our new EU2 server via

Be sure to select "EU - Amsterdam" for the server when checking out.

Please only signup this way if you are not already an existing customer.
We will be replacing other servers soon.  All new servers will run the latest cPanel on either CentOS 7 or CloudLinux 7.
The new servers all offer Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6 and 7.0, MySQL 5.6, etc.
Support Requests / WEST1 (DirectAdmin)
August 14, 2016, 01:36:11 PM
The WEST1 Server is having problems with the DirectAdmin license.  We are waiting for a resolution.

This server will likely be taken down in the very near future due to it running very old hardware and software.
cPanel/CloudLinux in Los Angeles

MySQL 5.6, PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, Apache 2.4

If you are currently on WEST or LAX2 and are interested in transferring to this server, please let us know.
Support Requests / LAX2 Finally repaired
April 16, 2016, 09:05:43 PM
The LAX2 Plesk server has finally been repaired.

We will be migrating people off of our Plesk LAX2 server to our LA2 cPanel server in the near future to avoid another problem.
Support Requests / Changes in 2016
January 18, 2016, 04:16:36 AM
We would like to simplify our operation by only offering service on our cPanel severs.

Currently, we offer service on the following panels
cPanel (2 servers) (CloudLinux 6)
DirectAdmin (1 server) (CentOS 5)
Plesk 11.0 (1 server) (CentOS 6)
Plesk 11.5 (2 servers) (CentOS 6)
Plesk 12.0 (1 server) (CentOS 6)

Our new offering would be just cPanel running over CloudLinux, which is what we have on the NYC server today.  This same configuration would be mirrored across all sites for consistency.

Our new offering would offer a single set of DNS servers, no matter which server your site is actually on.  This will simplify the process when starting service as well as when requesting migration to another server.  We will offer 3 or 4 DNS servers that everyone will point to.

We will offer the following locations:
NYC (via NJ or in the city itself)
AMS or LON for our EU offering
Possibly AU

The Canadian EAST server will be relocated to the NYC or NJ center for better performance for more users.  If enough users require a Canadian presence, we may continue to offer the current location, but in order to keep the prices low, we will likely migrate those users over to our NJ location.

Finally, this will be the year that we move everyone over to our WHMCS platform for billing.  We will no longer have to deal with manual payments and figuring out what server your site is located on.  We will have one WHMCS installation for all FreePgs users.

All of this is being done in an effort to keep our price at the current $10/year.
28 Oct 2017
Kernel updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, EU2, LA2, NS1, NS2, NYC, NYC01, WEST
Other updates on various servers
No updates on WEST1 due to the OS being out of support (5.x)
No updates on LAX2 (Plesk), due to the system not operating

17 Aug 2017
Kernel updates on 7.x cPanel machines - EU2
Bind updates on NS1, NS2

8 Aug 2017
Kernel updates on -- EU2

7 Aug 2017
Kernel updates on -- EU

13 July 2017
Kernel updates on 6.x machines (new vuln) AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, LA2, NYC, WEST
Other updates on 6.x/7.x machines as required

4 July 2017
Kernel updates on all 7.x machines EU2, NS1, NS2, NYC01 and OpenVZ container EU
Minor updates on other machines (sudo)

21 June 2017
Kernel updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU2, LA2, NS1, NS2, NYC, NYC01

24 May 2017
Kernel updates on (7.x CL) EU2

8 May 2017
Kernel and Bind updates on EU2, LA2, NYC cPanel servers

3 May 2017
Kernel, OpenSSH updates on 7.x servers NS1, NS2, NYC01
Bind updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, EU2, LA2, LAX2, NS1, NS2, NYC, NYC01, WEST
No updates on WEST1

12 Apr 2017
More kernel updates on most servers (6.x) AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST
No updates for 7.x machines -- EU2, NS1, NS2, NYC01
Updates no longer available for EOL machines: WEST1

8 Apr 2017
Corrected kernel packages installed on LA2 bringing it up to the latest release

6 Apr 2017
Kernel update on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, NYC01, WEST
Release version also updated on above servers (6.9)
LA2 had issues during the update so it was reverted to a previous kernel -- the update is partially complete so we will need to undo it

4 Apr 2017
Kernel update on EU2
Forced cPanel reinstall on EU2, LA2, NYC due to issues with the panel after the latest update

30 Mar 2017
Kernel updates on EU2, LA2, NYC cPanel servers
Minor updates on NS1, NS2

21 Mar 2017
Fail2Ban, Tomcat updates on Plesk servers EAST, EU, LAX2, WEST

10 Mar 2017
Another updated kernel on EU2, NS1, NS2, NYC01 (CentOS/CL 7.x machines)
Updated kernel on LA2, NYC (6.x) CVE-2017-2036

7 Mar 2017
Updated kernel on EU2, NS1, NS2, NYC01  (7.x machines)

24 Feb 2017
Updated kernel on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, EU2, LA2, LAX2, NS1, NS2, NYC, NYC01, WEST, WEST1
Reloaded licenses on all cPanel servers (they were corrupted after the kernel updates)

3 Feb 2017
Updated cPanel to 62 on all servers
MySQL and other minor updates on all Plesk servers

20 Jan 2017
Fixed automatic start of bind on NS1 -- it was previously not set to start automatically thus when the server was restarted name resolution would stop working on that node.
Kernel (7.x), Release (7.x), bind, and other updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, EU2, LA2, LAX2, NS1, NS2, NYC, NYC01, WEST, WEST1

16 Jan 2017
Kernel updates on all CentOS 6.x machines
Apache updates on all CentOS 6.x/Apache 2.2 machines cPanel and Plesk
Java and other updates on some machines
**Please check your site for injected files on all Plesk servers (since those are all using Apache 2.2).  These updates should prevent future files but if they were already injected they will need to be removed.

28 Dec 2016
Minor updates on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LAX2, NYC01, WEST, WEST1
Updates already applied on CP1, CP2, EU2, LA2, NS1, NS2, NYC

16 Dec 2016
Added Installatron to EU2 server to make it match NYC and LA2 offerings
Minor updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, EU2, LA2, LAX2, NS1, NS2, NYC, NYC01, WEST, WEST1
CentOS Release updates on NYC01, NS1, NS2 (CentOS 7.x) machines. (7.3.1611)
CL7 updates on EU2
Easy Apache updated on NYC to reflect new MySQL version for Native PHP 5.6.29 and MySQL 5.6.33
Easy Apache updated on LA2 -- updated native PHP to 5.6.29

11 Dec 2016
Pushed updates to the NYC01 test server at 100 William
Added PHP 7.1 and IonCube loader to PHP 7.0 on NYC, LA2.  These were already available on EU2.
Updated our WHMCS installation to use PHP 7.0 instead of 5.6, Please report any problems to us.

10 Dec 2016
Fixed issue with SWAP partition on NYC

9 Dec 2016
TZData and other binaries updated on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, EU2, LA2, LAX2, NS1, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
MySQL upgraded to 5.6 on NYC (to match other cPanel servers)

6 Dec 2016
Updated Alt-PHP and other binaries on EU2, LA2, NYC

24 Nov 2016
Tweak to cPanel servers to include sender headers (as an attempt to stop delivery into the spam folder for some users)

23 Nov 2016
Replaced NS1 with another machine located in NJ due to a hardware failure in Ohio
(This is part of our main NS cluster that serves and master zones.)

20 Nov 2016
Kernel updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, EU2, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
Updated Apache to 2.4 and system PHP to 5.6.28 on NYC

6 Nov 2016
Updated bind on EAST, EU, LAX2, WEST, WEST1

1 Nov 2016
Enabled GZIP compression for all sites on EU2, LA2, NYC cPanel servers.

31 Oct 2016
Kernel updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, EU2, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
(Dirty COW Patch v2 and other updates related to this)

23 Oct 2016
Kernel update on EU2

22 Oct 2016
Bind, Kernel, Tomcat updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
New test server online and updated: EU2

5 Oct 2016
Bind, OpenSSL, and other updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1

29 Aug 2016
Kernel, Java, Python, and other updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST

14 Aug 2016
Minor updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
PHP Security updates on system version of PHP on all Plesk servers
Kernel updates on NS2 (CentOS 7)

22 Jul 2016
Kernel updates on LA2 and NYC cPanel/CloudLinux servers
Updated to latest Apache (2.2.31 plus patches on NYC, 2.4.23 on LA2)

18 Jul 2016
Kernel updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
Additional updates on Plesk servers

6 Jun 2016
Update CentOS Release to 6.8, Kernel, Binaries on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, WEST
Update Kernel on CP1, CP2, LA2, NYC, WEST1
Update binaries on NS2 (CentOS 7)

17 May 2016
Update Java on EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST
Update ImageMagick on LAX2
Updated kernel and other packages on NS2 (CentOS 7)
No other updates since last check on other servers

16 May 2016
Updated to cPanel 56.0.16 on LA2, NYC

6 May 2016
Kernel updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST (CentOS 6)
No updates on NS2 (CentOS 7) or WEST1 (CentOS 5) was available
cPanel updated from 56.0.13 to 56.0.14 on LA2 and NYC
Native PHP updated to latest 5.5 branch on LA2 (5.5.35)

29 Apr 2016
Minor updates on AWARDS1, CP1, CP2, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
Updated options available on NYC to match LA2 offering (Python Selector, Ruby Selector)
Setup NYC on the DNS Cluster, so new customers will use cp1/cp2 nameservers on NYC as they will for LA2
Added cPanel installation packages (for WordPress, etc) to LA2 to match what is available on NYC
(The cPanel packages are not yet selectable in any plan)
Installatron (application installer with more choices and versions) has been installed and licensed on LA2

18 Apr 2016
Suspended a user that was causing problems with the WEST server

17 Apr 2016
Finalized some work on the WHMCS site that will be handling billing for all cPanel clients as we migrate them to our new systems.

15 Apr 2016
apache, kernel, mysql, tomcat and other updates on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LA2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
(LAX2 skipped right now due to other performance issues)
Rebooted all servers due to kernel updates being applied
Installed CP1 and CP2 to handle DNS for LA2 (and NYC in the future) along with additional cPanel servers we deploy

21 Mar 2016
Updated openssh on all CentOS 6.x servers - AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LA2, NYC, WEST
Updated PHP versions and a few other binaries on NYC and LA2 (cPanel/CloudLinux updates).
Rebooted all servers where updates were installed

19 Mar 2016
tzdata update on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
(LA2 uses the SLC mirror which didn't have the TZupdate yet, switched to another mirror in order to install the update)

16 Mar 2016
bind, openssl and other binaries on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
Rebooted all servers due to openssh/openssl updates, some servers had samba and postgres updates as well

1 Mar 2016
openssl update on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST
Rebooted AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LAX2, WEST due to previous GLIBC update (others were already rebooted).

27 Feb 2016
glibc updates on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST
Kernel, LVE updates on LA2, NYC
Kernel, pyton, cyrus (CentOS 7.x) update on NS2
Compiled PHP 5.5.32 and replaced 5.5.31 on EAST, EU
Complied PHP 5.6.18 and replaced 5.6.17 on EAST, EU

12 Feb 2016
Kernel, Apache, and other updates on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, WEST, LAX2
tzdata on NS2, WEST1
Auto updates on LA2, NYC
Filesystem corruption on LAX2 has been repaired

2 Feb 2016
Reset PHP 5.4.45 on EAST due to a problem with some accounts

30 Jan 2016
Update apache from 2.4.12 to 2.4.18 on LA2
Upgrade MySQL from 5.5.45 to 5.6.26 on LA2 as a test for upgrades of other servers
Backed Up MySQL content on NYC to prep for possible MySQL version upgrade
Set Native PHP version to 5.5.31 on LA2
Added Python and Ruby selectors to LA2 and enabled those options to show up in cPanel as a test
[feature lists, package definitions and other items need synced between the two servers]

27 Jan 2016
Set maldet to automatically quarantine files again on EAST and EU to prevent another problem with injected wp files causing long term problems.
bind, java, ntp, ntpdate updates on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1
kernel update on NS2 (CentOS 7)

26 Jan 2016
cPanel Updated to release 54 on LA2, NYC
A couple client domains on EU were disabled due to excessive disk I/O use.
Additional WP sites on EAST were also disabled due to the same problem (injected code in wp-load.php)

23 Jan 2016
Added PHP 7.0.2 on LA2, NYC
Doubled the I/O limit for all packages on LA2, NYC  -- Bronze 2048KB/sec, Silver 4096KB/sec, Gold 6144KB/sec, Titanium 8192KB/sec
Default (not linked to package) definition changed to 2048KB/sec. on LA2, NYC

20 Jan 2016
Updated Kernel, Apache, Dovecot, libcurl on WEST1
Timezone corrected on LA2 server (was EST/EDT, changed to PST/PDT), h/w clock on host note set incorrectly.
OpenSSH update on NS2 (CentOS 7.x)

19 Jan 2016
Updated to PHP 5.5.31 on NYC, LA2
Updated to PHP 5.6.17 on NYC, LA2

18 Jan 2016
Timezone corrected on NYC server (was PST/PDT, changed to EST/EDT), must have reverted in an update.
Updated to PHP 5.5.31 on LAX2
Updated to PHP 5.6.17 on LAX2

15 Jan 2016
Compiled PHP 5.4.45 and replaced 5.4.43 on EAST, EU
Compiled PHP 5.5.31 and replaced 5.5.27 on EAST, EU
Updated ioncube loaders to 5.0.19 from 4.6.1 on EAST, EU (when using newer PHP versions only)
Compiled PHP 5.6.17 on EAST, EU

10 Jan 2016
nss, openssl, samba updates on AWARDS1, EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST
Kernel update on NS2  (CentOS 7)
No updates on WEST1

31 Dec 2015
Kernel, Bind, OpenSSL, Apache, and other updates on EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NS2, NYC, WEST, WEST1

28 Nov 2015
Kernel, Perl, Postfix updates on EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST, WEST1

10 Oct 2015
Minor updates on EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST, WEST1

4 Oct 2015
OpenLDAP update on EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST, WEST1

27 Sep 2015
Updated glibc, kernel, and other  system binaries on EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST

20 Sep 2015
Updated NYC to mitigate the weak DH (logjam) vulnerabilities.   This improves SSL sites to "A" grade on
Updated Apache to 2.2.31 (considering upgrade to the 2.4.x branch at some point) on NYC
Updated native PHP to 5.4.45 on NYC

17 Sep 2015
Updated all Plesk servers to ensure sites are not created with POODLE and WEAK DH (logjam) vulnerabilities for SSL sites.
EAST, EU, LAX2, WEST now receive A- or A as a grade when testing.  (LAX2 and WEST receive the A due to differences in configuration.)

10 Sep 2015
Kernel, Bind, and other updates on EAST, EU, LA2, LAX2, NYC, WEST
Bind update on WEST1
PHP Updates on LA2, LAX2, NYC (auto)
A reboot on all servers was performed due to recent Kernel updates.

8 Aug 2015
Upgraded to CentOS Release 6.7 on EAST, EU, WEST
Updated bind on WEST1
*LAX2 cannot be updated to 6.7 due to dependency issues with some of the Plesk packages (it is running a newer version)
NYC and LA2 are using CloudLinux

For previous updates, please see
Support Requests / New cPanel Server
May 20, 2015, 12:53:35 PM
We are working on a new cPanel server for the Los Angeles region.  It should be ready later this week.

Hopefully the previous provider can bring the Plesk server up long enough for us to migrate data.