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Detailed User Stats

Started by Daniel, March 17, 2006, 02:01:42 AM

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I'd like to be able to keep detailed user stats for my website.  Stats I'd like include where in the world visitors are from, what browser is used, what pages are visited (or at least the most viewed pages on the website).  Can anyone suggest some good free software I could use?


Google Analytics does just what you're looking for.  You just need to include a bit of code on each page you want included in the stats.
meh :P

webzone (archived)

QuoteGoogle Analytics does just what you're looking for.

You need an invite to use that service. Unfortunately I don't have an account, but I still find SiteMeter to be quite good.


Heh, oops.  I kinda didn't pay attention to the new limitations, since I had gotten an account before the slashdot rush. 
meh :P