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vSignup and emails

Started by 408SQN, January 16, 2006, 11:31:09 AM

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Firstly, I'm very much a 'newbie' when it comes to PHP   ???

I have been building a site using vSignup to look after authenticating members of our organisation. When a member signs up an email should be sent to him/her confirming their details.

This worked previously but now it is v.e.r.y. slow. I've tried adding debug lines in the code to track how far the 'process.php' page gets but it doesn't seem to even start   :-\

If I disable sending confirmation emails everything works OK.

I thought some of the changes I made to the pages might have been at fault so i uploaded the code straight from the vSignup distribution zip file. After doing the configurations it too 'hangs' when sending emails

Does anybody experienced with vSignup have any suggestions?



The is no problem with V-Signup, Infact before I started coding my own gateways I used it, its a very nice script.
It sounds to me like its a mail server problem, so which service are you using?, Plesk, Or

If your using Plesk, The server may be slow, if your using the server should be fast..

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