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Please Help! Your NameServers are incorrect.

Started by tioc, December 31, 2005, 08:32:33 AM

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Hi, I really need some help here, because your Name Servers are not working on LVCS. I go on to the Add a domain thing, copy the name servers that you have up there, then paste them on my LVCS DNS. and it keeps saying..

Field Validation Error

Please correct the following issue(s):

Nameserver 1 has an invalid TLD.
Nameserver 2 has an invalid TLD.
Nameserver 3 has an invalid TLD.

What do I do to fix this? Please post here or Email me.

webzone (archived)

This is only a wild guess, but have you tried to add a dot at the end of the nameservers, like

Other people may be able to help you further, but that's the only thing I can suggest.


Be sure you are only entering:

Do not also enter the numbers in () as they are used for some registrars that require them in a SEPARATE FIELD.  The LVCS domain registrar does not require this information.  Also, be sure you are not entering any spaces before or after the nameservers in each field.  Do not enter more than one nameserver per field.  Use the "Add New Nameserver" button to create a third field.

Be sure you are entering these values in the "Change Nameservers" area of your domain management page.

For more information either contact registrar support (linked from the registrar's page) or use our Contact Form and provide SPECIFIC information.

Thank you, Admin