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Unable to receive mail from

Started by RickFriedman, December 24, 2005, 02:57:46 PM

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Well, the subject says it all. For the last two days or so, I have been unable to use my email client to receive mail from I CAN get my mail through the web by going to Trying to get it through popmail however is suddenly not working. When I try to get it with my email client I get the following error:

Could not connect to host

Nothing has changed in the setup of the account in my email client. The username & password are correct. The port number is still 110.

Anyone have any ideas??




Please be sure to use mail.<yourdomain> is not the proper server to use for POP mail.  (This will work if your domain is hosted on the Plesk server, but is pointed to a completely different server if you are using the LVCS.NET mail services)

The Plesk server has been restarted.

Thank you, Admin


My mail is on the Plesk server. Since you restarted the Plesk server, I'm able to receive popmail from webmail.<mydomain>.

However, I thought I'd try mail.<mydomain> as well. Sure enough, it works also. So, I guess I'll keep it as mail.<mydomain>.