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Net2FTP having problems?

Started by Ben, December 08, 2005, 06:21:05 PM

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Okay, I've been using Net2ftp today, and every so often I'll get a "cannot find server" message and be logged out. It's probably just the server restarting, but I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem as well, or if it's just me..


I used it today and at one point it froze up on me, but it might have been the browser, my ISP, CPU, etc etc. . .

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I'm connected directly using an FTP client and I don't have problems right now. But, less than an hour ago, transfers were really slooow. Maybe it is somehow connected with those problems.


Be sure you are using our local Net2FTP installation if you are using the FreePgs server. or linked via the Options panel as "Online FTP File Manager"

The Net2FTP site only handles a limited amount of traffic and is not always available to serve your requests.  You can also upload the Net2FTP script to your own site (if you are on the Plesk server)

Thank you, Admin


Yeah, I'm using the local net2ftp.

and recently, on top of cannot find server errors, it has been corrupting files when I edit and save them. It only does this once in a while, but I've had it done at least 3 times.


Visite me website at

webzone (archived)

QuoteI'm using is that bad?

That's the right thing to do. Net2FTP is mostly for people who can't or don't want to connect directly with FTP.


I even have Filezilla set up. I just like Net2ftp. :P

But I've been connecting via ftp recently because of n2f's errors.