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Domain Not Resolving ?

Started by pythonpoole, November 19, 2005, 08:00:21 PM

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I updated my nameservers of to
almost a full day ago. I would have though it would have resolved by now, but it simply comes up with a server not found page from your browser.

I had it on my freepgs account before, so technically the settings should be ok. I don't understand why though its not resolving.

btw I couldn't NS01.BACKUPDNS.COM because my registrar kep putting it as my primary name server when I pressed submit even though i listed it very clearly under third nameserver.

Edit: By the way I just did a whois on my domain and it says its pointing to the correct nameserver (NS1.LVCS.NET & NS2.LVCS.NET) so I'm assuming the problem is on the freepgs end. But the control panel says its setup to receive as a domain? So i'm assuming some how the fire affected this?


Did you request the domain to be added back to our nameservers?

Be sure you have resubmitted the domain via the form on the "Setup Domains" section of the Options panel.

Thank you, Admin


Thanks, I actually did that not long before I posted this request, and now it works, sorry to bother you.


You should still add "" to the list of nameservers for your domain name.

It will not matter if your registrar things this is the primary nameserver.  Nameservers typically do not look these up in listed-order.

(They are served in a round-robin fashion so all servers for a specific domain name share the load equally)

Thank you, Admin