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Server Questions

Started by sjade1, November 13, 2005, 05:58:46 PM

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I've been with Freepgs for a while now, and I currently own a domain at, domain hosted by LVCS and site hosted by Freepgs.  Freepgs has nice people, but I've found that downtimes are very frequent with this host.  Though the fire incident makes things a little more understandable, it doesn't change the fact that my site is down when it shouldn't be - that's including all the downtimes before the fire.

I have a few questions regarding the server/new server.

1. What are the chances of there being more downtimes in the future?  As frequent as it has been lately?  I've experienced downtimes at inconsistent time intervals, shifting from every other hour to full days of server problems rendering my site inaccessible.  Though the answer to this question may be difficult to determine, I would appreciate anything you could tell me.

2. Are there many more changes/upgrades to be made with the new server?  Should we anticipate any more moves etc?

3. If I were to change hosts, what steps would I have to take?  Do I simply renew my domain name (which expires this year) as a separate issue, and pay for a new host telling them that I own such and such a domain?

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

Thank you.


Downtime is caused by many factors.  Most of the downtime we experienced in the past had to do with how users used their accounts.

For instance, a user that offers large/popular downloads will tie up all available connection slots (thus locking other users out).  They will also consume massive amounts of bandwidth.

For this reason, we reenabled bandwidth logging on the service.  We found a few users that would exceed their 16GB daily limit within an hour.

We are not planning any major moves of data or settings at this time.

Our uptime should be greatly improved due to the following reasons:

-Plesk is no longer running on the same box with FreePgs sites
-There is only one httpd, one mysql, and one PHP executable
-We are running the linux 2.6 kernel (which offers greatly improved memory management)
-There are now 4 processors instead of 2.
-All data is stored in a RAID-5 array

You can change providers at any time.  You do not have to renew/move your domain to change providers.  You simply change the nameservers for your domain to the new hosting provider.

Thank you, Admin


My site was down for most of today and almost every other minute/every other hour yesterday and the day before.


Admin, were you talking about the new server there?

My site also seems to be down alot on the plesk server. I often can't access it, but i can access the plesk-control-panel. If this is due to another user using all the connection slots then i suppose i should move to the new server?

Does the new freepgs server have webmail and unlimited subdomains?


No, the new server does not offer mail services.

You can continue to use Plesk for management of your mail services but move hosting over to the FreePgs system.

(To do this, you can point to our NS1.LVCS.NET, NS2.LVCS.NET, NS01.BACKUPDNS.COM nameservers, but send a contact request stating you would like to setup mail accounts on Plesk for your domain.)

Thank you, Admin