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Help - can't redirect url

Started by littlesteps, October 17, 2005, 01:28:39 PM

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Thank you so much for reinstating my site.

I have uploaded my files, but I just dont get how to redirect my url. Where I have my domain I can only enter a destination url - before it was freepgs/myaccount

What do I put now? I have a tried a few different ones but it isn't working.

Sorry for being a dory  ::)

My account is littlesteps

thank you


You need a domain that can actually point itself to DNS nameservers or to an ip address,

something like the free .tk domains or a short url service like will NOT work with the plesk server.

Quite simply there is no real place to forward the domain to, you need to point your domain to the new name servers and it will set itself up correctly to open your webpage.