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Any Cached files left behind?

Started by froggio, October 17, 2005, 12:13:11 AM

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I was the owner for Account: froggio, aka

I didn't make any backup of my site.  But that's ok.

But I utilized a photo gallery php script make by a very small organization.  He only posted his website on his website and did not submitt to other bigger repositories.

Is there even a way to figure out the file organization of the home directory would be great.  or even an link to one of the photos organized by the script.  I've tried google, but no help.  I figured I'd try here.

Thanks alot




There's a few traces of "" left on the internet archive:

(I don't know whether direct linking works -- if not, go to, enter your domain name and it shows that the site was cached three times).
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