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subscrption renewal

Started by 009nightfire, December 30, 2019, 05:52:05 AM

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Hi, I've paid for another years subscription, but have not received any confirmation of this like I normally do. I have submitted a ticket at the help desk and emailed to all the @freepgs and accounts that I know, but have still not got a reply.

There is only one day left now, please can some one respond.

Paid via paypal on the 18th December,

Server: EU
Username: nightfire-clan-forum



same here - I paid on 19th December and received confirmation only from PayPal. Still in Plesk I can see expiration date 31DEC2019.

Server: EU
Username: izzy


Has anyone heard from administration? Usually we have until the end of December to pay for the next year's hosting. I typically receive emails every day in December of each year about renewing the hosting but I have not received any. I didn't even think about it until now when I realized my email from the hosting was down, so I went to my sites to determine if my accounts may have been disabled for nonpayment. I receive the following message when accessing my sites, so I'm guessing my account hasn't been disabled?

Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Apache Server at Port 80


I get the same message now when I try and view my site. When I logged in via plesk it says ...
Warning: Subscription was suspended. All your sites are not available.

It was working until today 31st December, I think the suspension is automated.

Some other things I noticed that may or may not be relevant, but at the end of November/December (can't remember exactly when) this forum was down for a while and also the automated emails we get were coming in to me out of sync e.g 20th, next day 12th etc.

passtheword, Do you get your subscription emails via your site email or yahoo etc. For me it's a yahoo address and I use thunderbird to retrieve them. I did find that when I logged in via a browser to my yahoo account some of the emails where ending up in the spam folder.

Also just out of interest, are you on the EU server as well? or a different one?

If I don't hear anything by Friday I might try some of the LVCS numbers on their sites and see if they can shed any light on the subject;  USA (480) 624-2500 [GMT -7] Toll Free Support: USA 888-299-0431 [GMT -5 or 7?]


Well, at least I know it's probably not just related to my acct and it's more of a "global" issue with the hosting being down.

I had been receiving daily emails in my account for a while now about my account being over quota and that it could be suspended. I did email freepgs back about it but heard nothing in regards to it. I also checked in my account to see if I had any strange files that were in there. That has happened before so I thought maybe that was the case. I found nothing there, so I just assumed the daily messages were just an error bc I was receiving those emails for months and the account was never suspended until today. I did check my subscriptions via the plesk login and one of them has 2GB used out of the 1GB allotted. It says that I'm over the quota, but again...I was never able to find anything previously anywhere in my account where suspicious files had been uploaded. I can't research it now anyway, since the account is suspended (either for just me or all of us) and I can't login via FTP and the plesk panel won't let me access anything but the subscription names and nothing else.

I receive all of my email via gmail but I do have some of my email forwarded from my websites held on freepgs to my gmail acct. I noticed this morning I didn't receive but about three emails, which I thought was odd bc I typically receive around 15-20 emails overnight. Now I know why...

I am not on the EU server but I had no idea until today that was being implemented (when I found it in the forum here). I received no emails concerning it. I am on the east server, so I'm not sure if I was supposed to migrate to the EU server or not.

Scorpion Illuminati

I got a notice that they were reducing the number of servers to 1 due to the high cpanel cost. I responded that I wanted to migrate to the "EWR" server but, haven't heard back from then since I responded on the 21th of Dec 2019. Anyone been able to contact them or is the service officially dead?
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I rang the 2 numbers... The first number although the guy was helpful as he could be, he did not know anything about freepgs. I did ask if lvcs was experiencing any problems and he said no. The 2nd number redirected me to a call centre in the Philippines, again they did not know anything about freepgs or lvcs legacy.

At time of posting I have not received any responses to emails or the support ticket.

I have started the process with PayPal to get my money back.

If freepgs do come back with some responses I will of course be happy to renew my subscription again.

It's only speculation, but all I can think of is that something has happened to the owner...been in an accident, sort of hope not  :(.


Got a message subscription has been activated  :)

Hope things go well for you guys too  :)


That figures. I just bought hosting a couple of hours ago from a different hosting company. I'll just stay with them. My account has already been disabled for nonpayment, anyway, but I didn't even receive any nag messages throughout the month of December to renew as I usually do. And two tickets I sent them in the last two weeks went unanswered. If they're going to leave everyone twisting in the wind for that length of time with no explanations, I'm just going to find someone else who is more responsible for my hosting.