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Renewal Issue

Started by Scorpion Illuminati, July 13, 2021, 11:39:26 PM

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Scorpion Illuminati


My account is past due but, I WILL NOT PAY IT until my 2 unanswered tickets are answered. On the previous server I was able to host Ruby/Node.js and Python apps but, on the nmigrated server I am unable. I have tried contacting you 4 MONTHS AGO and haven't heard back. I even tried to contact you via phone but, the techs don't have access to my account and as far as it is concerned I don't exist. If you are going to abandon this service, please let everyone know so we can migrate to a new one. If I don't hear back in a week I am going to assume this service has been abandoned and will consider not renewing my subscription.
Scorpion Illuminati - A retro rhythm game for the sega genesis!


I'm sorry for the lack of response.  The old email wasn't checked anymore as we migrated away from the old sites many years ago.  Checking it now just results in numerous spam messages.

There were some messages on the old site, but while people seemed to be using that, we stopped supporting it in 2008.

I had to get into the email in order to reset the password for the admin panel as it had become compromised quite some time ago.

I had been very busy during the pandemic as I didn't get to work from home like it seems many did.  We are in the final cleanup stage of some of the old servers we have been paying for far beyond the timeframe expected.

If anyone is still active here, the only server we will be keeping is EWR.  We haven't accepted signups since 2017 (which was under the site and not which stopped at some point in 2011), and even then it was off and on for a few years before that due to abuse.

Over the last few years, both of the control panel software companies were acquired and now charge more for the user license fee (per user) than we previously charged for hosting.  This makes it impossible to continue offering the service.

I want to thank all of the loyal users and I'm sorry to have abandoned you during the last few years especially.