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Outdated Scripts

Started by admin, March 05, 2014, 01:35:03 PM

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Just a reminder, outdated scripts cannot be tolerated, especially when there are exploits against those scripts, such as older WordPress versions.  If we find an outdated script, your site will be suspended.  Always keep your scripts up to date.


We were threatened to have our server disconnected again today due to these spam incidents.  If this continues we will be forced to remove all mail functionality as well as remove users that do not update their scripts.  From this point forward if your site is suspended for any reason, we will be unable to reactivate it.

DO NOT setup a script and leave it abandoned on your site.  Be sure you either remove the scripts you are no longer using or keep them up to date if you are using them.  We will be checking for outdated scripts later in the week.  If your site is found to be running outdated scripts such as WordPress (earlier than 3.7.1), your site will be suspended.


Just checking the east server (domains only, not subdomains), we found that 22 domains had outdated versions of WordPress (earlier than 3.7.1 where the exploit was supposedly fixed).

This is just on the EAST server.  We will be suspended all sites that contain outdated scripts.  Many of these had WordPress on their root folder vs a subfolder, but either way, if we find an old version on your site, it will be taken down.

We can no longer tolerate this and since some users don't seem to think they need to keep updated scripts, those users will no longer be using our service.


49 Domains were found on EU that had outdated scripts.  Those sites are in the process of being suspended now.


The accounts from EAST and EU have been suspended.  We will allow a one time reactivation on these accounts as long as you agree to update your site.


4 Domains were found to include outdated WordPress installations on LAX.  Those 4 domains have been suspended.


An additional 22 domains were found to have outdated versions of WordPress on WEST.  Those sites have now been suspended.

As a reminder, anyone suspended today for this reason can have their site reinstated, but they must upgrade to the latest version of WordPress to keep their site running.

There are far too many exploits with these older versions of WordPress to allow you to keep using them.  Many sites have been hacked.  In the past, we have just suspended those sites, but since more and more are being altered, it is a good idea to disable them all.  Our providers have also pressured us to do this for abuse reasons.