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Final Days for Migration from Plesk5 or Plesk6 Servers

Started by admin, December 05, 2013, 04:40:48 AM

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The final days are upon us for users that have not yet migrated from Plesk5 or Plesk6 to one of the new servers.

The apache (web server) service had been started again on these machines at some point, so we emailed the sites that had active visitors at the time we checked stating that migration was required.  We also stopped the services again.

We cannot continue operating the 2 old servers in addition to the new servers for another month.  We have already extended the deadline and have paid for all servers for 2 months (may end up being 3 months) instead of the planned 1 month time period.

As a reminder, these are the active servers going forward.   (Newly added)

If your site is on either Plesk5 or Plesk6 and you have not migrated your site within the next few weeks, we will have no way to retrieve your files.

ALSO: We will get around to cleaning up the old servers of accounts that have already been migrated.  If you receive renewal messages listing Plesk5 or Plesk6 and you know you migrated your account to another server, you can send an email to helpdesk at freepgs dot com to have the account removed from the old server.