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Plesk5 and Plesk6 servers being shut down

Started by admin, November 18, 2013, 05:03:34 PM

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As a reminder, the Plesk5 and Plesk6 servers are being shutdown within the next few days.

Everyone has been sent multiple messages over the past month and a half regarding this.  If you haven't migrated your site OR pointed your site to the new nameservers, your sites will stop functioning once these servers are taken offline.

Once the servers are shut down and removed from service, we will no longer have access to your files.  It is important that everyone either migrates their site or has a copy of their files before the servers are shut down.


A few days ago we had stopped Apache web services on Plesk5 and Plesk6.
Today, we noticed a cron job was still active starting services back up on Plesk6.  This cron job has now been disabled so web services will stop functioning on Plesk6 as well.

You can still request migration of services.


To request migration, send a message to helpdesk at freepgs dot com
Use subject line MIGRATION

Tell us what server you are currently on, your username, and what server you would like to migrate to

Ping the following hosts.  The host with the lowest time is closest to you and will typically provide the best performance for your site.  If most users of your site are in a different region, pick a server that is closest to them.