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EU Server Option

Started by admin, September 26, 2013, 02:00:50 PM

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For clients within the EU region, we will soon have another server option that may make sites load faster for you (if the majority of your users are in this region).

We will be updating this topic with name and/or IP information so you can ping and see which server is closest.

The following servers are active    (Eastern US/Canada)   (Western US/Canada)  (Los Angeles, California - Western/SouthWestern US) (not being kept) - not being kept   (EU Server - NOT setup yet)


The EU server hasn't been setup yet (one was setup in the wrong region after we were told it would be in the correct location).


We have went with a different provider and setup a server in NL to serve our EU clients.

If you are in this region, please help us test by pinging "".

If this server works for our clients in this region, we will work to get it online within the next few days.