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Revised Service Rules

Started by admin, September 15, 2013, 08:57:22 PM

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A single account may not...
-Consume more than 15% of the measurable server resources (excluding disk space as long as you are below quota)
-Send marketing messages beyond newsletters your users have signed up for
-Knowingly operate severely outdated CMS and forum scripts
-Have excessive database size where a single table takes up more than 750 MB.

All users must...
-Optimize their database tables and queries to the best of their ability
-Avoid using forum/CMS add-on scripts that connect to other servers (where possible)
-Use local database hosting where possible
-Be sure you are on the best server for your location or for the location of the majority of your users.

Current servers for FreePgs use.  If you find that another server is closer to your location, please contact us to have your site moved.

Eastern-Central US, Canada, UK,

Western US, China, Japan

----New Rates----

The new renewal rate will be $10 per year for all accounts.


Count me in...

I will update my blog and forum in the next few days, probably by next week because I had a field work this week...