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Service Shutting Down

Started by admin, September 13, 2013, 12:04:10 PM

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This service will be shutting down in the near future due to continued abuse.

-Constant fraud complaints
-Constant performance problems due to resource hogs, bad scripts, DoS attacks, etc.
-Wasting tons of money keeping this service active

Your service will continue to work up until your paid date.  We may be required to move your account to different servers during this transitional period.


There seems to be some confusion regarding this shutdown.  It is not happening overnight, but on the expiration/paid to date for your account.

If you are paid to 31 Dec 2013 (for example), you will have until the end of this year.
If you are paid until a later date, you will have until that later date.

If this policy has to change, we will let everyone know.

We intend to keep at least one server active, so there may be space for some users to continue using the service, but we are still trying to see what is the best way to handle this.

Our goal after the end of this year is to remove one of the two remaining older servers (Plesk5/Plesk6) from operation.  The older machines are being kept because enough users needed PHP 5.2 because their scripts did not work correctly with 5.3+.  We will be unable to support running older PHP versions in the future.

If we can come up with a way to handle the ever-increasing resource requirements for sites for the amounts we offer hosting for, we will consider those options.

We have currently only sent out notification to our Plesk6 clients.


Communication is the key. Why don't we just kick the "bads" out and let this service going :) Geeky Open Source Linux Tutorials


This is sad I just move another site here a week ago and now the bad news.

Is there a better way genuine users be remain with this service. Bad guys and dormant users should be removed.
I believe many genuine users are willing to paid more. Maybe the number of hosted domain/webspace/bandwith should be adjusted and user who need more can buy another one.

This is the best hosting service I had experienced and hope to see it survive.


Yes, I have been a user since September 2004 (the times where is a free hosting service). I have two accounts here, wherein the second one is a given-away account and is hosted at Plesk5 server, the first account is hosted at Plesk6 server and I was notified. In the past, I have a script that somewhat hog the server but with the notification of Admin we have taken down the script so that it will not affect other users who are hosted in this service, after that I did not host any script that may affect the server every since. is the best free hosting service I have ever found that provides users with the standard PHP, MySQL, CGI, or any other programming languages that may provide, compare this with other free hosting services who disappeared *poof*. It so sad to see this service go away, we hope that there are other options just to have this service a better place to be.


We will be coming up with a new way to handle this next week.  Two things will most likely happen.

1) We will allow all users to continue with exceptions for...
  a) Resource Hogs / High CPU Cycles / High Memory / High connection slots usage
  b) Disk Space Overuse.
  c) Outdated forum/CMS scripts
  d) Large number of rejected outbound emails (for those sending email campaigns from their account).

2) We may need to increase the rate slightly.

In the hosting business, 5% of the users use 95% of the resources.  In our case, it is more like 1-2% using 95%.

If we can remove the abusers of the service and that allows us to consolidate down to two operating servers, we can continue running this service.