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Forgotten domain

Started by Dondavid, May 19, 2010, 08:07:13 PM

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Hi everyone,

The question might seem insane but... I used to have an account on the Plesk server, right after the suspension of the Freepgs service. username was 23411: dondavid attached to domain I used to host some files out there as a backup. Anyway it had become quite useless as the university I am currently studying provided us a similar service so I did note used the Plesk account anymore and I completely forgot its existence. To be precise it was attached to a mail account used for archiving procedures and whoose password was lost and reset about a year after. Anyway is there a chance the data hosted on that account are still on your servers or is it completely lost?

Best Regards.


We recently purged all of the expired accounts due to a pending server migration.  We no longer have the files for this account on any of the servers.

(If you would have contacted us a month ago, the account files may have still existed, but it is possible that it was cleaned up on an earlier date)


Erf I was almost sure you would say that. Anyway, was still worth asking for it.
Is it still possible to get the account re-activated with the regular fees?


Yes, we can still recreate the account, just email plesk at lvcs dot net.  Be sure to provide  a username/password as well as your original account number (if known).

Payments can be submitted using

Enter "Plesk6" for the server name as that is where your account will most likely be created.

Thank you, Admin


Ok, this is good news. I'll handle that in the following week.