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Scheduled Maintenance on Plesk5

Started by admin, May 12, 2010, 08:14:34 PM

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There will be scheduled maintenance on the Plesk5 server today, 12-May-2010 at around 8:00 PM EDT (GMT -0400).

The server and all sites located on the Plesk5 server will be inaccessible during this time.

This maintenance is to correct a CPU/APIC error that has been occurring on that server.

An email was also dispatched to all users on Plesk5.

Thank you, Admin


The Plesk5 control panel software is no longer working, and the MTA was changed to PostFix during some "testing" the provider was doing.

We will try to get it working again.

They are also going to schedule more downtime this evening to possibly replace the motherboard and CPU.


The Plesk interface is working again on Plesk5.  Qmail was restored as the MTA.


The server maintenance has started.  The server may be down a few hours as they are changing the motherboard to try to correct the errors.


The Plesk5 server is now back online.  The motherboard swap fixed the issues we were having.


We will be updating the Plesk panel on the Plesk5 server to the latest release now that the CPU issues are fixed.  It will match what is available on the Plesk6 server if everything goes correctly.


The Plesk interface has been updated on the Plesk5 server.