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MySQL5 server down

Started by markjay, May 11, 2010, 01:51:02 PM

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It seems that the  MySQL5 server down at the moment...


The server is not down, but the network is.  I will be contacting that provider if the network does not come back online within a 15 more minutes or so.

Why are you still using that server for your databases?  (Just a question).  Depending on which server your site is located on, you may try to operate the database on the localhost MySQL server again.

Thank you, Admin


Haven't yet transferred all (databases before the end of FreePgs Service) my database to the Plesk6 server as its too many but i'll try to merge them to one database...


You do not have to merge them into a single database, you can keep as many separate databases as needed.

We can transfer the data over when the network comes back online if you wish (whenever you want to do this).


Sounds good to me. I'll let you know when the MySQL5 server really comes back online, hoping so...

Just a question, can I use a 3rd party SQL software like "SQLyog" to manage/administer MySQL databases on Plesk6?


Yes, you should be able to along with the GUI Tools (or whatever they are called now) from

External connections should be allowed unless Plesk sets up database users with localhost only permissions.  (If this is the case, we can modify one of the usernames for you).