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URL Includes and URL fopen

Started by admin, March 16, 2010, 01:16:44 PM

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Due to the recent null routing of the primary IP address on the Plesk5 server, we will be forced to remove URL Include and URL fopen ability on all servers.

We can enable these on a per-user basis when needed.

This will prevent misbehaving scripts from requesting sites on remote machines allowing attacks to be carried out from this machine.

Speedline Z

what would be an example of URL Include /fopen --- i don't think i use it , but just to be sure... i know my PHP scripts use require()

Speedline Z

on a side note: how long do you expect down time to be on plesk5?


URL fopen and includes are when you use include() or fopen() but instead of a file name, you use a URL (http://...).

Thank you, Admin