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how to contact about annual fee

Started by vt100, February 01, 2009, 04:37:02 PM

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I have paid the annual fee now via 2CO , how I get in touch to let the admins know that I have paid and ask them to reactivate the account as I can't login to plesk and get the account suspended message ?

also I wonder why we were not informed prior to the suspension of accounts, I only got a email they your account has been suspended, there was no earlier email that a yearly fee is now in place ?


The same email was sent 30 days ago regarding this change (only stating that the account will expire instead of has expired)

Check your spam folder.

Please email admin at freepgs dot com or PM me your 2CO order number and we will activate your account.

Thank you, Admin


Hi admin
I did send you a pm
Please let me know the you got it as I cant seem to find it in my outbox


admin,i have pay the Annual Fee via paypal,where i get the new plesk account information?


You will use the blogs username to login to Plesk.  All of your domains have been merged into that account.

Thank you, Admin