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cannot log my accounts

Started by ysabban, January 23, 2009, 07:55:35 PM

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i have two account which i have migrated to plesk , but i cannot access them, i am getting message saying wrong password or username

this is my accounts informations

A new client account has been created in Plesk.

Client's contact name: 56521: hallprod
Client's login: hallprod
Client's password: ******
Plesk entry point:

Client's contact name: 61112: ysabban1
Client's login: ysabban1
Client's password: ******
Plesk entry point:


These accounts do not exist on the Plesk3 server.

It is possible that you did not have any domains created.  Accounts with no domains (you cannot have files uploaded without a domain created) were removed from most of the servers.

It is also possible that your account was moved to a different server or migrated into another account or that the username was changed.

Thank you, Admin



and what is the solution for that?

i was trying to login for all plesk servers

was i supposed to know that you will be removing my accounts?

please fix this problem


Please email admin at freepgs dot com to get this issue resolved.  This is a member to member support forum, not a direct communication tool with us.

What were some of the URLs you had associated?  (We can check to be sure you did not merge accounts into a different account or change usernames)

I have found the 61112 account, but the username appears to be avodakfs.  This account is paid to 31 Dec 2009, but there are not currently any domains associated with this account.  [This means you have no sites setup (there is no place to upload files without any sites setup)]
This account is located at
The username is different because you requested it to be changed at one time or another.
This account will not be removed until 31 Dec 2009.

I was unable to locate the 56521 account on any of the Plesk servers.  It could have been removed due to the cleanup.  I have added the space to your 61112 account.  (It now allows 600MB instead of 300MB)

You must create a domain (site) in order to upload files via any method.  Instructions are posted here on the Support Forum and were provided when your Plesk account was originally migrated.

Again, you need to login via and use the username avodakfs

Thank you, Admin