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cant get in to set up site

Started by bonniejean52, May 11, 2008, 05:27:19 PM

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i never received  an email or anything lol on how to go about this.but i did click on the link to move me and when i clicked on it again you threated to remove my site entirely! :o you said that i had already been moved :D 


You can check contact replies via the Options panel.  The message would have been sent to you when your account was originally migrated.  We created the account on 22 Jan 2008.  Most likely the messages were delivered into your spam folder or you did not have the correct email address on your account when you requested the migration.

You will need to login as "bonniejean" since that was your username when you first requested migration.  Your account was created on Plesk3.  You can login to Plesk via

To check contact replies:

Login to the Options panel (
Click "Support Options"
Click "View Your Contacts"

Here is the contact with the information in case you are unable to view it.  As you can see, this was the reply we sent on 22 Jan.  We sent another reply on 31-Jan, another on 8-Feb, and another on 1-Apr.  (You changed your username on 1-Apr)

Contact ID:    13665
Date Sent:    2008-01-22 10:43:45
User IP:    xxxxxxxxxxx
Return Email:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Request:    Please migrate my account to Plesk

Replied By:    admin
Date Replied:    2008-01-22 20:55:27
Answer:    An account has been created for you on the Plesk system.

To manage your account, please login via

You will need to click "Add New Domain" to setup the FTP account and domain name.

Each domain will be setup with its own FTP account. If you wish to have multiple domains pointing to the same content, you can add them as aliases to a single domain.

Please upload your files using "" as the FTP Server Name. Be sure to upload your files into the "httpdocs" directory.

Once your domains have been created, you will need to update the nameservers at your domain registrar.

The new nameservers are:

If you are pointing your domain to our IP address (via DNS records), you will need to update the DNS record to point to

If you are using a domain name that ends with "", that domain will not point to the Plesk server automatically. To have these domains pointed, please create a ticket via the "Help Desk" link, and we will make the necessary DNS changes. You can also add the domain as if you wish to have a domain that will work immediately.

If you have your own domain and are pointed to our nameservers, you will now have the ability to add/remove your own email accounts in Plesk. If you are using a third party email server solution, you will have the ability to modify DNS records via the Plesk panel as well.

Thank you, Admin