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Sizes and Diskspace off?

Started by sven, April 26, 2008, 10:16:44 PM

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I got an email telling me that I'm using more than my allotted 2GB of disk space. I figured that can't possibly be true and have been trying to figure out where I must have accidentily uploaded something wrong (or whatever might have triggered that email).

When I go to the "manage files" thingee on, hit the "chak all" button and then "calculate size" I see that none of the default directories contains anything worth mentioning, except for httpdocs which is listed as "202 084 KB". OK, so that's 200MB or a shade over 0.2GB, not "over 2GB".

So now I'm stumped -- what do I have to do to see where that supposed missing 1.8GB of files is located? When I hit my home-button on plesk it dutifully reports that I'm using 2.08GB, so whatever the problem might be, it's still there.

Someone help me be a good neighbor here and tell me what I have to remove to make my usage conform to my limit...

"Everything is futile!"
    -- Marvin of Borg


Oh, OK. Strike that - I found it. It was piled-up log-files. Now to find the place where I can tell plesk that logfiles can be deleted once they've been processed by webalizer...
"Everything is futile!"
    -- Marvin of Borg


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