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Disk Space Limits *****PLEASE READ*****

Started by admin, February 21, 2008, 11:36:34 PM

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By default, Plesk will divide the total allowed disk space by the total number of allowed domains.

This means if you had a Linked, Silver, or Gold account, Plesk will assign each domain you create 50MB.

Linked, Silver, and Gold accounts were given 300MB of disk space.

To adjust the limits on a specific domain

-Login to Plesk
-Click your domain
-Click the "Limits" button
-Change the "Disk Space" limit from 50 to whatever you want (up to 300MB)
-Click OK

Disk Space Limits by account

Former Account Types
Linked, Silver, Gold

New Plan Name
Plan 1

New Disk Space Limit

Former Account Types
Platinum, Titanium

New Plan Name
Plan 2

New Disk Space Limit
1GB (1024MB)

Former Account Types

New Plan Name
Plan 3

New Disk Space Limit
2GB (2048MB)

Other Limits

Plan 1 -- 6 domains, 18 subdomains
Plan 2 -- 12 domains, 36 subdomains
Plan 3 -- 20 domains, unlimited subdomains

Thank you, Admin