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Stupid Plesk server wont let me log in??

Started by Jaiden, February 15, 2008, 01:02:55 PM

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Ok, so I had 2 accounts, "zone0", and "jaiden", which are silver and gold, respectively. I have tried to get them both migrated, and apparently zone0 IS. But, whenever I try to log on with my username and password on I always get the exact same message: "Error: Login is incorrect" Furthermore, when I try to request my password, it still doesn't recognize my account. It seems like the account hasn't been created at all.

PS, the password I am typing in is DEFINITELY correct.

- Jaiden


Did you use same username and password that you have them for


Be sure you are using the proper Plesk URL to login.

Check the migration instruction email you received for the proper URL.

Thank you, Admin