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uploading avatar question for phpbb

Started by synic, July 28, 2007, 06:37:38 AM

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uploading avatar question for phpbb:

im using phpbb 2.0.2, w/ a template called acidtech. I enabled the avatar upload, and when i tried to goto my profile and tried to upload an avatar, it brings me to this blank page (forum/admin/index.php?admin=1&sid=7a0900fa21ec8aa99aac1e85b7849ad9). anybody know whats the problem is? or how to fix this problem, with full detail instructions plz  :D

thanks in advance.


my first guess would be to chmod the dir to 777 and it could also be that other files need to be chmod also

I myself hate phpbb with a passion and I suggest everyone use SMF   ;D ;D



CHMOD /images/avatars/uploads/ to 777