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Plesk "LOCALHOST' 5 is cap sensitive

Started by doctoreast, July 20, 2007, 10:30:46 PM

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Hi folks,
   I am trying to configure the "LOCALHOST"
SERVER, and I am seeing that the new mysql5 is cap
sensitive.   The programmer has all of the
scripts with table names like zdocNOTE, when
the table is actually named zdocnote.  Well,
I'm getting cant find errors.  Is the typical
mysql table names zdocNOTE or zdocnote? 
Please and thanks,



  I spoke with admin, who said that windows servers are not
cap sensitive, while linux servers are.  Localhost is fedora linux,
which explains the problems I'm having. 

  Does anyone know the correct proceedure for this error?

WARNING: errors encountered while processing your request...
Function: zdbSqlQuery -- SELECT UserID,nDate,Note,ID from
zdocNOTE where DocId='zdoc.14' ORDER BY nDate
Called by: getUserNote

Table 'db_tml_pb.zdocNOTE' doesn't exist

MySQL said:
Table 'db_tml_pb.zdocNOTE' doesn't exist

My table names are not capitalized, and so zdocnote exists,
while zdocNOTE does not.  With normal php programming, is
caps okay like it is with javascript?   Which way do I go?  Do
I need to capitalize the table names suffixes, or do I remove
caps from the scripts? 

here's the error live:

Please and Thanks,


The best way to fix the problem would be to change the table names to match your script (or to change your script to match the table names)

Changing your table names can be done via phpMyAdmin.

Thank you, Admin



  I truly appreciate your feedback.  Support here is "TOPS".
Which is the correct way to do this?  Which way would a
perfectionist do it?

  "Where did it get messed up" is a different story.



PS: It took some time to find that phpmyadmin wizard page,
but things went perfectly, only took about 2 minutes to change
a dozen table names.


Sorry about not mentioning how to get to phpMyAdmin.  In the future, you can just click the "MG" link next to the database you wish to manage.

Thank you, Admin


  It was a bit more detailed than clicking "mg".  To get to the screen to rename tables, I had to click "open new phpmyadmin page" which then brings me to a 2 column page with linked table names on the left, and rename options on the right column.


The MG link should have taken you to your tables.  You could have clicked the "modify" icon (second icon).  Once the table details are viewed, you can click the "Operations" tab and there are the options to rename the tables.

However, using the two-pane approach is most likely faster.  (In the future, if you wish to use the two-pane method, you can login directly into phpMyAdmin via (if your database is on the localhost server) or (if your database is on the MySQL5 database server)).

Thank you, Admin