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Absolutely Outrageous......

Started by OLG, July 11, 2007, 04:55:49 PM

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fsockopen, the only functionality worth a funk on this service and you disable it?

My entire site's functionality is based around it

Well, Imho, you can Cancel my account now, and i for one won't be reccomending to anyone, and will even actively discourage it.



What are you doing with fsockopen?  I can't think of anything you'd be doing on a website with fsockopen that isn't more easily do-able with other PHP functions.


Rest assured i've explored other options.

I use fsockopen to fake a login into a site, in order that i can fopen an URL and download its contents without the site throwing up an unknown error into a local page using fgets, strip_tags and then fwrite. I then  use file_get_contents, do a preg_match and insert the values into a MySQL DB

I can't do that without fsockopen, therefore making my hosting here totally redundant.

I've already found a new host and am migrating away from freepgs......


I can understand you being mad but discouraging people from using freepgs? Isn't that a bit extreme.  I love freepgs and rarely have any problems with them. 

I've never seen such cheap hosting with so much services.


Then you haven't seen my new host have you?



I really am quite annoyed about this....

I won't really disparage freepgs....

But the function is integral to the functionality and purpose of my site, and without it,

I my as well not have a site.


Isn't cURL installed on this server? You can use that to replace the fsockopen function.

And mind you, fsockopen is NOT "the only functionality worth a funk on this service". Try finding a web host that provides web hosting for a one-time payment less than $10 and giving out gigs of data transfer PER DAY for the past few years. I bet you can't find two.

"I my as well not have a site."
I wouldn't even call your login script a "site", please.