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Trouble importing a .sql backup

Started by RHforum, July 26, 2007, 01:44:33 AM

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Due the problem on MySql5 database, my forum went down. But I was able to do a backup about 1 day before the database get down.
Today I was trying to import my backup but without sucess...
I did a new database (using the same name as before) and went to the sql tab to import the backup. After some minutes it cannot be completed.

My backup has 50 mb.

Someone can help me?

(sorry about my english... and I'm a total newbie about foruns, phpbb and sql stuff...)

Thanks in advance.
.total newbie -__-'.


For databases this large, you will need to upload the .sql file into your account and sent a message via the Contact Form to have the file imported.  Be sure to include the path to the file and the name of the database you wish the file to be imported into.

Thank you, Admin


That was fast!
Thank you so much  :)
I'll do it right now.
.total newbie -__-'.