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Started by acidbath, February 22, 2007, 10:47:16 PM

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is this at all pertinent to my account  ???

I've already proven the messages I have sent are in no way shape or form spam.


Whats your freepgs username



We received multiple complaints regarding this issue.

Because spam being sent from our server gets our server blocked quickly, we no longer tolerate this behavior.

Luckily, AOL has a feedback loop option that sends us notices when users press the "This is spam" button in their AOL mail client.  Other servers simply block us when they receive a certain number of complaints.

I will reinstate the function on your account, however, if we start receiving numerous feedback messages from AOL regarding messages sent from your account, we may need to disallow it again.

Looking at the past feedback notices on your file, they do appear to be valid messages, and not spam per se.

Thank you, Admin


I understand the situation however it seems to be a problem with AOL and not with my messages at all...

should they not be contacted to fix their problem.

I've been sending out newsletters for quite some time and this is the first of this problem.


It is not a problem with AOL.  AOL simply notifies us when users click the "This is spam" link in their mail client.

When enough users report the message as spam, they will block us from sending mail in the future.

This is not specific to AOL.  AOL just notifies us when users click the link so we can do something about it before it gets out of hand.

Thank you, Admin


In the future I will not allow AOL addresses to sign up for the newsletter.

They remove the unsubscribe link as you stated earlier, and that is the problem I was speaking of.


No problem.  This should not happen again.

Your account was flagged because another user was sending to random AOL addresses.  Both accounts were flagged for the "random addresses" in error causing the issue.

Thank you, Admin