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File Access Problem (Joomla)

Started by wmcouch, February 20, 2007, 05:23:58 AM

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Hey im having this problem

What do i have to change to fix this? like the exact page, because i have looked around and i cant find anything


You need to log into FTP and change the permissions on the files to 775 (I think that should be enough, otherwise try 777), so that PHP is allowed to write to them. How you do this varies based on the FTP program you're using, so which is it?

To do it with the Online FTP File Manager simply put a check mark in the boxes of the files and directories who's permissions you want to change, then click CHMOD up near the top right. From there, type "775" in the box (no quotes) then put a checkmark in the subdirectories and files boxes and hit the green check mark at the top left, and that should do it. Otherwise repeat the process replacing "775" with "777".