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My new domain

Started by spanspace, January 29, 2007, 03:05:36 PM

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I just bought a new domain. Does host domains? If so, is it free? If not, I can use their one free page deal and host the files and other pages on my right.


They no longer have free accounts. If you purchase web space, you can use the contact form from the user control panel to request your domain name be added to your account. It also includes instructions on changing your nameservers to point to your freepgs account.


I have had space with them for a very long time. I was curious if the domain transfers worked with accounts.


If you point the nameserver records of the domain to freepgs nameservers and use the add domain form you can add the domain to your account free of charge.


I'm holding off till I get word back on getting mail function turned back on for my account. Apparently some spammer got it shut down for us all.


Are you on the plesk server? because my mail function works fine.

EDIT: Well I take that back, it is down :( sigh...


I'm just using domain forwarding and masking for now. I do appreciate everyone who responded, I know what to do now when I do decide to make the move.