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SSH Access and Python

Started by akash, December 29, 2006, 05:33:28 AM

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I have a couple of questions

1. Why don't we have SSH access to accounts ? Won't that be more secure than FTP ?

2. In my options page I see some options like Ruby, Perl, Python disabled. Does that mean that for some plans those are available ? I am specifically interested in Django on Python.



Ruby, Perl & Python were removed after much abuse. They may be brought back at some point, but either way the option page was not changed to show they are no longer available.


If you REALLY need it activated you might try the contact form in your account...


Thank you for answering my second question.

But what about SSH ? Is it a possibility in the near future ?


The last I heard of it, it's pretty unlikely, but I wouldn't give up all hope. :)

I'm certainly not the last authority on this though, admin is.