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domain help

Started by noob4ever, December 28, 2006, 04:06:17 AM

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i did the URL Fowrad it worked...

than i disabled URL fowrad.. and i changed the nameserver
i added the domain in the freepgs account...
it gave me a confirmation that it will be pointed and bla blabla...
and after my domain server refreshed, it didnt foward to the account.

so now i put the DNS info
i added the domain

and the DNS info to it.

but now working either...

any ideas?


Did you fill out the form on freepgs to have the nameserver activated for your account? That is the important second step in the process, AFTER setting the nameserver (or DNS record) to what it needs to be on the registrar's end.


i must ask of you guys to forgive this noob topic.

it was actually my browser... kept it the same.
i did the DNS.. took it perfectly.
my friend told me that it works.

i now restarted my PC.. all works fine.

sorry for the making another noob topic.. a mod may erase this.