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mail () disabled on plesk and freepgs server???

Started by n9ne, December 19, 2006, 05:16:07 PM

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I've got one website hosted on the plesk system, as i found out last night the mail() function has been disabled, so the script im trying to use doesnt work like it should! So i uploaded the same files to a website hosted on the servers and still i get the same problem, the script doesnt send like it should do. So just to be sure this is not my error i uploaded the exact same files to another server hosted elsewhere and it works fine.

So whats the problem??


Sounds like someone spammed up the mail que again.


n9ne, Please supply your username.

Either the receiving server is blocking the message, it is being delivered into your Spam folder, the account you are attempting to send the message from has mail disabled due to a previous exploit, or the script is not configured/designed correctly.

Please use the Contact Form and provide your username and the URL of the mail script so we can further assist.

Thank you, Admin