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Question, for those who know

Started by noob4ever, December 16, 2006, 06:59:26 AM

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i had 3 different accounts

on all 3 i changed the usernames
the links only changed on 1 of them
now my user names are different from the

ok why im asking... why is this happening ???

im planning to get a 4th account, but if this is going to happen im not sure... :/
i really love freepgs but whats up ???



Quite a while ago, we changed account URLs to be in the format We were previously forwarding requests for your old URL to your new URL (to allow users to change their links) until recently. If you are having problems viewing your pages, be sure you are using the correct URL and that you have your URL properly specified within your script configuration and HTML pages. Your URL can be viewed via the Options panel (in the URLs section).
(2006-12-06 15:26:21 by admin)


well its not that im having troubles.. its just that im chaning the username, and the is still the old username
thats the problem.

QuoteWe were previously forwarding requests for your old URL to your new URL (to allow users to change their links) until recently

are we not able to change the URLs anymore?


The best advice I can tell you is to get a domain name.


thats not what im saying..
i have domain names..
is just that like once in 5-6 even a year i change the name..
like i used to have

like all different in like one year...
on the same account
i liked the idea of having flexible name....
thats why im saying


You missed what I am saying "They no longer allow that" and a domain name will point no matter the name.


yes but u dont understand
i dont want a domain...
i want the
that username to change

i dont point at it from a domain, i point at it from a username... thats what i mean
but all i was wondering is if they still allow it or not.
and i guess not.

ok thats it


I know what you are saying, and that is why I told you to get a domain name. And as far as I know they no longer do the link updates.

brainiac744 is no longer available, you'll have to settle for if you don't want a domain name. If you change your username I don't think that this new style link automatically updates, so you'll have to use the contact form (from within your options panel) to request it.


Or get your broke a$$ ( ;D) some free redirection services from 3rd party! There's plenty, all free - google it. Change names every day, or have like a million different ones pointing to the same place - up to you.

There's a couple of "BUT" here though. They'll only point to index page, they don't support subfolders after that. So ppl will click on stuff, but the URLs won't change in their browser's address bar. For instance, you got yourself It points to your folder no freepgs, to index page. But then ppl click "My noob pictures", and go to but will still see the same initial URL in their browser addressbar -

Also, most of those services would have some very lame requirements (not less than 30 visitors in 30 days) and/or ads (stupid pop ups). Besides that, they're using frames, so google won't see your page at all (not sure if you care about google).

If you like to change names every year, you still can get a domain for like a DOLLAR (some registrars have promotional offers, so 1 year is almost nothing, but then it's more the following years. But you only care about 1 year, right? 1 dollar and not "BUT" issues.  ;)


Even if you only care mildly about google, it is capable (to some extent) of handling frames


I'm just saying from my personal experience. It didn't see anything past that frame. Of course the site was added to search engine (redirection registrar submitted the description of the website), but Google could not see my content. I didn't go as far as making up a workaround. It was easier to get a domain. :P

Somehow I think, even if you had a google sitemap on your site with frames, it'd still screw up ranking in some way. Frames are a crime these days with all the crazy new rules. ::)

And some catalogues and search engines might refuse to redister your site's redirect address at all. They have filters for all of those subdomains. >:(


I agree, frames are indeed nasty. If I was forced to use a redirection service I'd have all the links target as _top and probably have a break out of frames script, but that's beside the point.

Domains cost LESS than $1 a month, so they're not that big of a money least I don't think they are...


Frames are indeed nasty, thats why I like to use layers and iframes. Iframes if content needs to be loaded without reloading the page, useful for script output zones.


The URL does not automatically change with the username.

You can request to have your URL updated via the Contact Form (be sure to log in)

Thank you, Admin