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E-mail on FREEPGS???

Started by nerds, December 18, 2006, 11:49:48 AM

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I've been wondering ever since I got an account...

Ok. So I have a domain name. When I registered it, the registrar was redirecting my mail sent to to my gmail account.

Then, I changed the nameservers to point my domain to freepgs account. So, my registrar was not able to redirect my mail any more. As far as I understand (and I don't  ;D) freepgs can't do it. So, it is impossible to get my mail to "" get redirected to gmail account? Right? ::) So I lost my nice cool email. ???


They used to point the MX records of the domain name to a Plesk server for you so that you could have an email address. I'm not sure if they still do, the contact form may be your best bet...


Damn man! Do you live on here? :o :o :o I JUST posted! Thanks though, brother! :D

Contact forms are cool for visitors of your site, but not for business cards (and gmail spells GHETTO  ;D).

I'll wait for almighty admin, what's he gonna say.


I meant requesting the forwarding to be added via freepgs contact form. Guess I was a little vague :P


Oh, I see.  ;D O.k. now I'm gonna sit down and write a tender letter to admin about both MX records and cronjobs. Thanks, man.

Respek! LOL  :D :D :D


Be sure to send your request using the Contact Form (logged in).

We can either setup a POP3 account or a catch-all forwarding account for you.

Thank you, Admin